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**UPDATE: 07/11/2013
My site was hacked. I am currently working on re-establishing it again. If something isn't working now, please check back another time, as it is a work in progress. Thanks! ~CV

|| To Start || Hello and welcome to Crushed Violets -- The site started as an experiment in HTML coding and I just wanted a place to throw all my things together. It was the 'in' thing to do at the time. Overtime, the site has grown, changed, and is now going through small revamps to reflect more of me. I have an intricate mind, wild imagination, creative heart, sarcastic wit.. and I love to laugh. Please note, that some parts of my website are intended for mature viewing only, in those instances, I've tried to *pre warn* you before you view it, so that you have a chance to not visit that part of the site. If you offend easily, then perhaps you should click the "X" at the top of your page, if not.. sit back and enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me by the e-mail link above.

|| Where Do You Go? || See that little Ying/Yang sign on the top right, there? Place your mouse over it and you have your menu. ~grins~ Or if you don't like that way, you can always follow the links over there to the left. ~smiles~ Oh and be sure to sign my guestbook before you leave! I'd like to know that you stopped by. ~smiles~ Thank you for coming and enjoy! =)

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